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Risk assessment in the work environment


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There is no work without risks… But workplaces may vary in severity of risks, while hospitals, nuclear plants, oil refineries, etc. are classified as high-risk workplaces compared to schools and office work of different companies that may be classified as less hazardous… Workers suffer in most Arab countries. The absence of a clear and explicit law protects them and guarantees their material and moral rights .. When exposed to any danger in the work environment .. Therefore, the risk assessment in the workplace is a necessity .. Which can be known simply by trying to know all the potential risks in the work environment and thus how to containment.


Risk Assessment:

Conducting a risk assessment is a study of what can cause harm to employees or workers in their workplace, so that they can find out if the roles taken is sufficient or should do more to prevent damage to the employees there. These workers and others have the right to be protected from accidental damage by taking reasonable measures to control the accident. Some work accidents result in permanent injury or death, and also affect work if production is lost, machinery is damaged, etc.

The employer is legally required to assess the risks in the workplace so that a plan can be developed to combat these risks as they arise

The risk assessment process is easy to apply.In small establishments we do not need a specialized person unlike large installations that require a safety and security expert, for example, you have employees who move heavy loads and so can damage their backs, or where people are more likely to slip. If so, make sure that you have taken reasonable precautions to avoid injury .

When talking about danger, it is necessary to differentiate between two concepts:

Danger: is that anything may cause damage, such as chemicals, electricity, fall from a high place, etc;

Risk: The likelihood of any person being harmed, whether high or low, with an indication of the seriousness of the damage that could occur.



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