Center Sections

Coordination and Follow-up Section

The Coordination and Follow-up Section is the link between all departments. It assists the other departments in conducting their work, transmitting the relevant subjects, responding to the inquiries of the Center's auditors, directing them to the department concerned and providing the needs of the departments with tools and equipment.

Department of awareness and guidance

Increase the job awareness and develop the skills required by the college students, and strengthen the functional communication with the specialized bodies

Alumni Affairs Department

Helping college graduates to obtain suitable job opportunities, as well as documenting the relationship of graduates with the faculty and ensuring continuity of their relationship with the faculty after graduation to benefit from their experience in serving the college and society.

Department of Professional Relations

Creating a working partnership with the private sector, activating the role of the academic sectors in the college, and contributing to spreading the job awareness among the college students by linking the college with the labor market.

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