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12th March 2020, FSEM Dept research activity, Conducted by Mr. Hani

Abstract: More than 50% of deaths are caused by smoke and gas inhalation, but there were no regulations for fire toxicity apart from smoke emission by relative obscuration. The present guidance relates smoke obscuration to means of escape. However, fire toxicity may not relate to smoke as toxic gases, in general, are not visible. A method is needed to provide fire toxicity data that correlate the relative toxicity of materials and could be used for fire modeling simulations. The primary method is a full-scale fire, but it is expensive and complicated. Also, toxicity is linked to the ventilation of a compartment fire which is not a material property. A fire test would be preferable using a laboratory-scale test. In this paper, the modified Purser Furnace was used as a candidate fire toxicity material test using Polyethylene as the test material. The decomposition of Polyethylene was discussed because of the impact it had on the Grenfell tower fire in 2017. For the modified Purser Furnace, multi-tests were required for the same specimen at different equivalence ratios to come up with the more realistic behavior of fire identical to real fires. One type of Polyethylene was used in under-ventilated fire conditions. The yield of carbon monoxide was consistent with other experimental results.

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