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The Foundation Department of the International College of Engineering and Management is an incubation center where students hatch their proficiencies before moving on to Higher Education. ICEM GFP comprises three levels; F1, F2 and F3. Students are placed into these levels based on the outcome of their placement test results.


Those with little or no English are placed in F1, which they have to pass before progressing to Foundation 2. All three Foundation levels consist of English, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology modules.


Apart from offering academic tutelage, ICEM GFP also offers students the opportunity of discovering and honing-in on their skills and abilities through well thought out and superlative extracurricular activities.  Under the able leadership of Head of Department, the ICEM GFP has achieved many milestones and success stories and will continue to reach for greater heights.


Rules &


Student Handbook

Aims of the Programme

The aims of the GFP at ICEM are to prepare its learners for Higher Educational studies by developing their English Language, Study Skills, Science, Mathematics and Computer Skills. The  delivery of Study Skills is through the English language modules, whereas Mathematics, Science and Computer Skills are delivered in separate modules.

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Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of GFP students will be able to:


1. Communicate at a level of proficiency required to deal with Higher Education studies and acquire paraphrasing, outlining and summarising skills.

2. Explore the basic theories and concepts of Science, Math and IT and apply them in   problems relating to real life situations.

3.  Operate a computer competently using common applications software for creating  reports, presentations, graphs, dealing with tables and analysing data.

4. Work effectively as an individual or in a group to achieve goals.

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Programme Structure

Foundation programme offered at ICEM normally takes one full year. All students are tested before starting their studies at ICEM. Students who do not meet the entry criteria to one of our higher programmes are offered the Foundation programme. These students are further classified into F1, F2 and F3 students depending on their English (IELTS) Math, Science and IT achieved in the college test. At Level 1 of Foundation (semester long) students study English, Mathematics, Science and IT.  Successful students at the end of Level 1 then progress to Level 2 of Foundation (semester long). Successful students at the end of Level 2 then progress to Level 3 of Foundation (semester long) At the end of Level 3 of Foundation, students will sit for an EXIT Final Test prior to progressing to one of the Higher Education programmes.


General Foundation Modules 

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