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Conference Overview :  4TH Virtual International Undergraduate Research Conference 

The International College of Engineering and Management (ICEM) and Institute of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (IMME) of KFUEIT are excited to announce the 4th International Undergraduate Research Virtual Conference (ICEM-4IURVC) on 3-4 October 2023.  This year's theme is 'Breaking Boundaries: Collaborative Undergraduate Research across Disciplines and Borders'. The conference aims to facilitate knowledge-sharing among undergraduate students in engineering and management. It offers a platform for student-researchers to present their findings and expand their research scopes. Graduating students working on final projects, dissertations, field and case studies, or experiments related to Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSEM), Fire Safety Engineering, Fire Safety Management, Mechanical (Well) Engineering, Facilities Management, Business Management, Social Issues, Current Trends, Teaching and Learning are welcome. Send us your recorded presentation video along with the PowerPoint/script no later than 1 October 2023. Participants will receive a certificate of participation, and the best presenters will be awarded. The presentations will be conducted via Zoom, with details to be announced. Supervisors of the best papers will also be honored with certificates of merit. Join us to celebrate grassroots research achievements and foster academic excellence. 

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Conference Topics  : 

You may submit your original and unpublished work in the following research areas but NOT LIMITED to:

Mechanical (Well) Engineering

  • Thermofluids                   

  • Drilling/Drilling fluids/EOR

  • Material and Manufacturing                    Ergonomics

  • Renewable Energy 

  • Automotive

  • Energy                               

  • Operations Management

  • Oil and Gas 

Facilities Management 

  • Quantity Surveying 

  • Building Technology

  • Construction Contract Administration                     

  • Construction of Facilities

  • Construction Technology 

  •  Organizational Management 

Health, Safety and Environmental Management

  • Deep Water Technology 

  •  Safety Culture 

  • Hazardous Emission Management                       

  •  Marine Pollution

  • Safety Behaviors                    

  • Environmental Impacts/Issues

  • Heat Stress Management

  • Waste Disposal and Management Practices

  • Biodiversity Management 

  • Conservation Management

Business Management

  • Entrepreneurship          

  • Marketing

  • Event Management

  • Small-Medium Enterprise (SME)

  • Tourism Management/Development

Fire Safety Engineering/Management

  • Fire Dynamics                     

  • Human Behavior in Fire

  • Smoke and Heat Control System                                   

  • Active Fire Protection systems

  • Use of computational Modeling in Fire Engineering

Current Trends & Social Issues

  • Covid19 Pandemic

  • Online Learning & Teaching

  • Social Media

  • eLearning/Technology/LMS

  • Blended Learning Modalities

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