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Resources in the College:

  1. The College has one Information Technology (IT) Lab,

  2. Independent Learning Center(ILC) and

  3. CAD Lab.

  4. IT lab is located in Room No: A16 & C7.


ILC is in the Ground floor adjacent to Library in the Main building.

CAD Lab is in the K Block.

A16 A-Block

C7 C-Block

If students need any IT-support, they can contact the IT department.

(Ayoob, Sadhik, Azhar, Amani)

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Access to Computer:

The IT labs are open from morning 8 AM (Sunday to Thursday).

  • Each student will be given a user name and password and by which the student can log in to the computer.

  • Each student will be given a separate area in the server (H drive) to store their documents privately.

  • If the document is very important it is suggested to have a separate backup of the document or store it in one drive.

  • The students are requested to follow the rules and regulations of the college.

Students Area in the server

Students can access the general information from the Students area.

  1. Module Information packs

  2. Regulations

  3. Old Question papers

  4. Student Handbook

The link is as follows: \\studmain\Students-Are

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Access to MyQ Printer:


MyQ printers are installed in the Library which can access during the Library timings (Sunday to Thursday).

  • Each student will be given a password and by which the student can log in to the printer.

  • Each student will be given a credit 5.000 OMR and once finish needs to buy a voucher from finance.

  • The students are requested to use his / her own username and password for computer and printer.

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Access College Email:


The College Email can be accessed by

Enter the username and password





The password can be changed by the students.

by authentication phone configuration:

first step:

verfiy access.png

Second Step:


after you enter your phone number you will get verification code by SMS.

If you forgot the password, you can contact IT support.

Once the email facility is ready the same will be communicated to students.




Microsoft Office 365


How to configure email on mobile:

1. Download outlook on mobile (Apple or Android)

2. Choose office 365

3. Login with H…

4. Enter given password

College Email

College Website:


The College Website address is

The Website has the following main links

  1.  About the college

  2.  Courses

  3. Admission

  4.  Facilities

  5. Student Pages

College Website

ICEM Portal: 

ICEM launched student portal which can accessed by

ICEM portal has following links

  1. Registration Details

  2. Fee Details

  3. Exam Results

  4. Shortcut to College Email

  5. Shortcut to Uclan website

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Wireless Connectivity:

The Wireless connectivity is available in the Campus.

1. Once it is connected to wireless network,

2. Open browser

3. it will ask to enter your username (H number) and password. 

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