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Narjis Al Omairi

Career Guidance Department Manager

+968 24512048 / +968 95275816


Services provided to current students:

  1. Assisting students in choosing the appropriate specialty for their career goals.

  2. Helping students acquire and refine the skills that are required for success in the Labour market.

  3. Providing guidance on finding the right job and how to apply for it.

  4. Offering orientation sessions on job interviews, writing effective CVs, improving communication and presentation skills, and more.

  5. Organizing events and programmes that enrich students' knowledge of functional aspects related to their field of study.

Career Guidance Contact


In addition to our work with students, we also offer support to employers  who are looking to connect with our talented pool of graduates by:

  1. Enhancing communication between ICEM and various businesses and institutions in the local market.

  2. Introducing our academic programmes and specializations to potential employers.

  3. Announcing job opportunities and offering training to institutions that are interested in employing our graduates.

  4. Receiving applications from institutions that wish to employ our graduates.

  5. Providing suitable facilities for testing and job interviews for employers who are interested in hiring our graduates.


Career Guidance Services

The Career Guidance Department at ICEM offers services to both students and employers , with the goal of fostering strong relationships between the college and various sectors. By working closely with both students and employers we aim to create a strong network of professionals who are equipped to succeed in today's rapidly evolving job market.

Services provided to ICEM graduates:

  1. Deploying a variety of employment programmes to promote job opportunities.

  2. Providing institutions with data about our graduates to support their recruitment efforts.

  3. Issuing training letters to help college graduates gain practical experience in their fields of study.

  4. Announcing relevant job openings.

  5. Enhancing communication with our alumni community by inviting them to attend various seminars and events held by the college on a regular basis.

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