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List of Clubs

Creativity and Innovation Club

The Creativity and Innovation Club is the free space of Arts, Research, innovation and entrepreneurship and much more. The club enhances the educational, hobbies and talent skills of the student.  

Community Services Club

Community Services is of great interest to researchers and workers in human rights institutions. This is due to the great long-term work it performs on the human level.

Fire Safety Club

The aim of the fire club is to aware the general public about the importance of fire safety. It also helps our students to learn public speaking skills and demonstration of fire equipment. They can also invite guest speakers to the college to impart more knowledge related to fire science. They are determined to do various fire awareness workshop and guest lecture in the coming AY2023-2024. 

Facilities Management Club

Facilities Management Club is established to achieve the following objectives: To promote the FM & CPM program amongst staff and students at ICEM and outside the campus. To conduct variety of activities related to FM & CPM. To encourage the FM students for creative suggestions and ideas & To encourage cooperation and effectiveness among FM & CPM students. 

Media Club

The Media Club specializes in digital media, its techniques, and related means, such as photography, video, montage, and Photoshop, holding photography workshops, covering events inside and outside the college, Photography trips, and managing social media more attractively. 

Rovers Club

Support ICEM in all events organization and observation to maintain the applications of protocols. Also, train the participants in leadership and life skills. 

Well Engineering Club

The Well Engineering club, comprising a group of talented students specializing in Mechanical (Well) Engineering, is dedicated to fostering an interactive environment that facilitates effective communication among its members. The club aims to connect individuals with relevant expertise, creating a collaborative space for the exchange of ideas and knowledge within the field. 

Foundation Club

The foundation club is an academic support to foundation students. It provides a platform for students to engage in academic discussions and study groups to enhance learning in the different subjects (English, Math, Science, and IT). The club also develops the students' intellectual skills such as communication, leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving. In addition, the foundation club encourages social engagement and cultural awareness through social activities, cultural events, and educational trips.  

Sport Club

Welcome to our vibrant sports club, we believe in the power of sports to transform lives. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or someone looking to pick up a new hobby, our diverse range of sports programs caters to all skill levels and ages. From soccer and basketball to tennis, there's something for everyone under our roof. What sets our club apart is the emphasis on holistic development. Our experienced coaching staff is not just focused on refining athletic skills but also on instilling values such as teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. We take pride in nurturing the next generation of athletes, helping them grow not only as competitors but as individuals who contribute positively to their communities. 

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Club

  • HSEM (Health, Safety, and Environmental Management) CLUB supports and develops student learning and practical skills in Scientific Research technologies in health and safety management.  

  • HSEM Club will focus& Conduct Events on community engagement, social awareness, beach cleaning, eco walks, and environmental awareness programs.  

  • HSEM Club enhance student’s professional and academic achievements, & career development for their Career Prospectives 

Library Friends Club

The Library Friends Club was established to support the cultural events and activities inside and outside the college. It also encourages students to participate in different competitions and activities to represent the college. Arranging visits to libraries and cultural sites is also a main part of the club's tasks.  


In addition to our comprehensive support network, our student affairs team also plays an active role in campus life, sponsoring events and programmes that help build community and create a sense of belonging among our students. Whether interested in joining student clubs , volunteering in the local community, or participating in campus and sports events, students have plenty of opportunities to get involved and make the most of the ICEM experience.

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