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FSE Laboratory : 


Fire Engineering Laboratory (FEL)

Location: Main Building

The laboratory built in 2015 for the purpose of research and supporting modules in the department where laboratory experiences are required. The laboratory consists of an area with different testing apparatuses including Cone Heater (ISO 5660), UL -94 Flame Spread test box, NIST Smoke Chamber, Bomb Calorimeter, Multi-gas analyzer, Convective Oven, Compartment Scale Models, and Fire Radiation Bench. The laboratory also possesses a pressure transducer (Omega) and bi-directional probes for fire flow measurements. It also has thermocouples, thermopiles, and heat flux gauges (Hukseflux) for thermal measurements. In addition, it utilizes industrial and high-precision load cells for mass measurements. All sensors and probes are connected using National Instruments DAQ modules in the laboratory.

Fire Modeling Computer Laboratory (FMCL)

Location: K Block

Fire Safety engineering department possess a computer laboratory for students and research purposes to model fire behaviors and evacuations. The laboratory includes 20 computers equipped with different fire engineering software including Pyrosim, Pathfinder, CFAST and FDS for various purposes. The students are allowed to use the space for their course works or final project, or attend fire and evacuation modelling classes. The laboratory also contains a supercomputer for scientific research purposes used by faculties.

For more information about the laboratories and our capabilities, please contact Sabra Al Shukairi at

HSEM Laboratory : 

Safety and Environment Laboratory

Location: J-Block

The laboratory accommodates various equipment and apparatuses for the purpose of student projects and research activities of the department, including Orbital shaker, Flame Spectrophotometer, TR1- Meter, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, and CR 2200 Thermal Digestion unit.


WE Laboratory : 

CAD Laboratory

Location: K-Block

Computer-Aided Designing (CAD) Laboratory uses computer clusters to assist in students for using various CAD and computational modeling software for design projects including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ANSYS, MATLAB as well as MS Project.


Drilling Simulation Laboratory

Location: E-Block

The laboratory accommodated DrillSIM-5000 Classic as a global standard of advanced drilling and well control simulation. It is a tactile simulator with a manual brake.


Hydraulics Laboratory

Location: E-Block

The laboratory uses various apparatuses and equipment to measure fluid properties. These apparatuses include the four scale mud balance, a Marsh Funnel, Rotational Viscometer, API & HPHT Filter Press, PH Meter, Sand Screen set, Mud Still, Hydrostatics Bench, Hydrodynamics Bench, Centrifugal Pump and Reciprocating Pump, and Ultrasonic Cell Disrupter.


Instrumentation and Control Systems Laboratory

Location: E-Block

The control system laboratory presents an opportunity for students and faculties to study the fundamentals of control System. The laboratory accommodates various instrumentation and apparatuses including LVDT Measurement Jig, Nvis 630 Data Acquisition System, Pressure Transducer Explorer, Strain Gauge Trainer Scientech2304, Temperature Transducer, RTD, Tensile machine, Bending and Shear force analyses Machine, Force analyses board, DC current training system, K type 12 channel data logger Temperature meter, Hot wire anemometer, and PCE-PVA Solar measuring device.    


Lathe Machine shop

Location: International Institute of Fire Safety (IIFS) 

The laboratory accommodates a lathe machine is a machine tool that removes the undesired material from a rotating work piece in the form of chips with the help of a tool that is traversed across the work and can be feed deep into the work.


Material Testing Laboratory

Location: E-Block

Materials testing lab is used to measure the characteristics and behavior of different materials such as metals, ceramics, or plastics under various testing conditions. The laboratory accommodates various material testing machine including Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Impact Testing Machine, Digital Torsion Testing Machine, Digital Fatigue Testing Machine, and Digital Automatic Motorized Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Testing Machine.


Models room Laboratory

Location: E-Block

Model room includes the mechanical products used in the oil and gas industry, CNC machine and metallurgical microscope (Model MVMS I 310 L) and Optical interferometer.


FM & CPM Laboratory : 

Location: J-Block

Room Number: J-04

Facilities and Construction Project Management Laboratory is equipped with advanced instruments for construction materials testing, structural analysis, and surveying. Catering to academic, research, and industry needs, our lab offers a diverse range of equipment for comprehensive experimentation.

Equipment Available:

A. Concrete Properties:

  1. Cement Equipment (Soundness and Consistency):

    1. Le Chatelier Flask

    2. Vicat Apparatus

  2. Concrete Equipment (Strength and Composition)

    1. Concrete Hammer (Type N):

    2. Compression- ADR 2000kN Testing machine

    3. Tensile Testing - MF 40 Apparatus

    4. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Meter

    5. Drum Concrete mixer


B. Soil Characteristics Equipment:

  • Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus

  • Liquid Limit Device


C. Surveying Equipment:

  1. Precision Leveling and Height Measurement:

    1. Measures with Automatic Level and Sokkia Auto Level

    2. Telescopic Leveling Staff and Levelling Staff (ALG555E with Bubble)

  2. Angle Measurement and Orientation:

    1. Digital Theodolite

    2. Theodolite

    3. Wooden Tripod for Auto Level & Theodolite

    4. Ranging Pole (2-meter Red & White, 3-meter Red & White)

    5. Prismatic Compass

    6. Sokkia Brunton Compass BC2

  3. Distance Measurement and Reference Points:

    1. Ranging Rods and Pegs

    2. Measuring Tapes (10m, 30m, 50m, 100m)

  4. Map Measurement for Project Planning:

    1. Digital Planimeter



D. Other Equipment:

  • Electronic Scales (6kg, 0.1gm) & (30kg, 0.1gm)

  • Oven Carbolite Apex

  • Density Bottle

  • Flakiness and Elongation Index gauge

  • Mechanical Sieve Shaker

FSE Laboratory
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