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Graduate Attributes


Knowledge of Engineering and Management Disciplines:

Graduates have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of their field of specialization.


Critical, Analytical and Creative Thinking:

Graduates demonstrate an ability to think critically and solve problems innovatively.


Leadership and Teamwork:

Graduates can play constructive leadership roles in their careers and contribute in a collaborative manner to achieve common goals.


Communication Skills:

Graduates convey ideas and information effectively to a range of audiences for a variety of purposes.


Ethics and Professionalism:

Graduates use their skills to act in a professional and ethical way and are aware of the importance of ethical standards on personal and social levels.


Lifelong Learning, Research and Innovation:

Graduates have a commitment to continue research based inspired independent learning.


Global Competitiveness:

Graduates have skills that help them to be competent in the global job market and to be productive members of their work teams and society.


Technological Literacy:

Graduates are able to locate, manage, integrate and convey information using the appropriate resources, tools and strategies.

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