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Center Services

  • Services provided to students

  • Help students plan for a successful career

  • Choose the appropriate specialty

  • Acquire and refine the skills required for the labor market

  • Helping students find the right job and how to apply

  • Review the careers of students and help them develop and market their skills

  • Provide orientation sessions on job interviews to train students on how to prepare for them

  • Organizing events and programs that enrich the outcome of students' knowledge about the functional aspect

  • Services for graduates

  • Promoting employment opportunities for the unemployed through the deployment of various employment programs

  • Provide institutions with data for the graduates of the college for employment

  • Issuing training letters for the practical side of college graduates

  • Announcement of job opportunities available to graduates of the kiosk required by the labor market throughout the hour

  • Activating the means of communication with the graduates and providing them with all the new workshops and programs that enrich their knowledge and career gains continuously

  • Enhancing communication with alumni by inviting them to the various seminars held by the college on a regular basis

  • Services for the business sector

  • Enhancing communication between the college and the various business sectors in the local market

  • Organizing various events and exhibitions in the labor sectors that serve the college students with their various specialties

  • Introducing the academic programs and specializations offered by the College

  • Setting up seminars and discussions that combine the work sectors of the college students

  • Announcement of job opportunities and training of various institutions wishing to employ the outputs of the college

  • Receive applications from various institutions wishing to employ the college's outputs

  • Provide suitable rooms for testing and job interviews for employers wishing to employ the college's outputs

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