Career Guidance Center

The Career Guidance Center provides a range of services for students and business owners to strengthen the relationship between the International College of Engineering and Management and the various business sectors. The Center also assists the students of the College in selecting and planning their career paths and introducing the preparation and preparation of candidates and job openings by providing a variety of services to the students and graduates of the College And business sectors

Mission, Vision and Goals


To guide the college students to successfully plan their career paths, and to seek a renewed relationship with the different sectors of work, and to extend bridges of communication between the college and its graduates.


Providing distinguished services to the students and graduates of the International College of Engineering and Management to qualify them to enter the labor market and achieve success and excellence, and be a pioneer in career guidance.


  • Helping college students plan their career paths and prepare them for the requirements of the labor market.

  • To establish a permanent and renewed relationship with different sectors of work.

  • Bridging bridges between the college and its graduates.

Center Sections

  • Coordination and Follow-up Section

The Coordination and Follow-up Section is the link between all departments. It assists the other departments in conducting their work, transmitting the relevant subjects, responding to the inquiries of the Center's auditors, directing them to the department concerned and providing the needs of the departments with tools and equipment.
  • Department of awareness and guidance

Increase the job awareness and develop the skills required by the college students, and strengthen the functional communication with the specialized bodies
  • Alumni Affairs Department

Helping college graduates to obtain suitable job opportunities, as well as documenting the relationship of graduates with the faculty and ensuring continuity of their relationship with the faculty after graduation to benefit from their experience in serving the college and society.
  • Department of Professional Relations

Creating a working partnership with the private sector, activating the role of the academic sectors in the college, and contributing to spreading the job awareness among the college students by linking the college with the labor market.

Center Services

  • Services provided to students

  • Help students plan for a successful career

  • Choose the appropriate specialty

  • Acquire and refine the skills required for the labor market

  • Helping students find the right job and how to apply

  • Review the careers of students and help them develop and market their skills

  • Provide orientation sessions on job interviews to train students on how to prepare for them

  • Organizing events and programs that enrich the outcome of students' knowledge about the functional aspect

  • Services for graduates

  • Promoting employment opportunities for the unemployed through the deployment of various employment programs

  • Provide institutions with data for the graduates of the college for employment

  • Issuing training letters for the practical side of college graduates

  • Announcement of job opportunities available to graduates of the kiosk required by the labor market throughout the hour

  • Activating the means of communication with the graduates and providing them with all the new workshops and programs that enrich their knowledge and career gains continuously

  • Enhancing communication with alumni by inviting them to the various seminars held by the college on a regular basis

  • Services for the business sector

  • Enhancing communication between the college and the various business sectors in the local market

  • Organizing various events and exhibitions in the labor sectors that serve the college students with their various specialties

  • Introducing the academic programs and specializations offered by the College

  • Setting up seminars and discussions that combine the work sectors of the college students

  • Announcement of job opportunities and training of various institutions wishing to employ the outputs of the college

  • Receive applications from various institutions wishing to employ the college's outputs

  • Provide suitable rooms for testing and job interviews for employers wishing to employ the college's outputs

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