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Congratulation to Health, Safety and Environment Management (HSEM) department for securing research grants from Oman Research Council

The faculty members at the HSEM department, namely Dr. Salem Abu Amer, Dr. Riyadh Mahfud, Dr. Don Balida, Dr. Suvarna Raju Palathoti, and Mr. Victor Otitolaiye, have successfully secured grant funding totaling 26,000 OMR for two separate project proposals. We extend our best wishes to them as they embark on delivering these

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البحث العلمي.gif

ICEM secured graduate and undergraduate students research funding

Congratulations to Dr. Girma Ghala and graduate student Alhaitham Alkalbani from the Department of Mechanical Engineering for winning graduate research funding of 3,000 OMR from the Oman Research Council. Also, year 4 undergraduate student Said Taha Al Anqoodi from the HSEM department secured 1,500 OMR for his final year project under the supervision of Dr. Riyadh Mahfud. Congratulations to both for their great efforts.


4th International Undergraduate Research Conference held by ICEM

Faculties from the HSEM department, namely Dr. Salem Abu Amer, Dr. Don Balida, and Dr. Suvarna Raju Palathoti, organized the 4th International Undergraduate Research Conference. The conference had participants from 10 different countries and took place virtually over two days on October 3rd and 4th. Keynote speakers with backgrounds in industry and academia from Egypt, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, and Oman contributed to the event. Thanks to the organizers for their great effort.     

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