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The conference was held for two days from 30-31 August 2020. The first day was reserved for the guest speakers and second day was for the oral presentations. Vote of thanks was also presented by Dr. Khan, Dr. Rami, Mr. Joseph, Mrs. Rasha to the Guest Speakers Dr. Mohsin Qazi, Dr. Hamaid Mahmood, Dr. Mohammed Ehtisham, and Dr. Sadia Shakoor, respectively. As a tradition, Quranic verses was read by Mr. Hani with English translation. Dr. Yingkui shared his sincere thanks to the RIC members to organize the research activity in ICEM, and conveyed his best wishes for the guest speakers and participants of the oral presentations.

The number of registrants:

The number of conference days: 

Candidates for Oral Presentation:  12+ 3 min

Poster Presentation by students

  1. Ahmed Al Shaaili

  2. Zakariya Al Hashimi

  3. Said Abdulla Khalaf Al-Mawali 

  4. Mahmmod Ibrahim Saif Al Mawali

  5. Basma Sameer Salih Albalushi

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