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Student Support Services 

Welcome Speech

The International College of Engineering and Management is an educational beacon that brings together the elite of students from different countries, because of its unique specialties, so that these disciplines have great value in the labor market.

The International College of Engineering and Management welcomes its elite students from all over the world.

Students Affairs

What a beautiful stage! It is the stage of miracles, the stage of strength, maturity and growth, from this point of view the International College of Engineering and Management has taken care of the center of student services in order to be able to provide all the requirements of activities for students in terms of sports activities ,Cultural, artistic, social and voluntary work, in addition to service facilities, which helps to refine the personality of the university student and provide him with various skills that enhance his abilities.

Therefore, I and my colleagues at the Student Services Center invite our dear international students to the need to communicate with the Student Services Center and benefit from its various programs and activities, in addition to the Student Council, which was found to serve students and encourage them to dialogue based on Mutual respect and helping to convey their opinions to the deanship of student affairs to study them and find appropriate solutions for them.

College Services for International Students

SSS Team


Ali Al Tobi

(Head of Students Support Services )

Tell: +968 24512055

 Mobile  : +968 97321650


Muna Al Zadjali

(students Counselor)

Tell : +968 24512057.


Rashid  Al Hinai

Assistant Manager of Student Services & Head of International Student Section

Tell:  +968 2451 2048 / 2044 

Mobile: +968 95275816

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